Monday, August 14, 2006

Honeymoon Safari- Wet & Wild (animals)!!

We booked everything through Divesouth in South Africa and they really looked after us incredibly well. We would highly recommend them if you are planning a diving trip to South Africa. They arranged scuba diving at Aliwal Shoal with Aliwal Dive Charters and thanks to them I sorted out my mask problems and finally got to see some ragged tooth sharks!

The Great White shark diving was probably the best (and the coldest!) but worth every minute. We may be there to watch them, but considering the look in this one’s eye, I’m sure they’re just as curious of us - or maybe they are just thinking of food!

This is me in the cage! Photo credits goes to He Who Doesn't Dig.

From our window at De Kelders B&B we saw plenty of Southern Wright Whales 'spyhopping' as in the picture and also breeching.

On safari at Hluhluwe we saw so many animals it was just amazing, but here are a few:

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