Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A sad farewell....but new beginnings!

Four years ago I took on this plot:

and I am very sad to have to now say goodbye; to it and the lovely gardeners on Choice Allotments, especially my fellow Association committee members.

And after 9 years working in my beloved garden, transforming it from this:

to this

with such a HUGE amount of work AND enjoyment, it's heartbreaking to have to walk away, but I now have a new project in a new location and lots of happy memories.

In May, HWDD landed himself his dream job, so we put our house on the market and were lucky enough to sell it the same day!

On July 16th (our wedding anniversary) we moved into our new house, 200 miles north west in the lovely market town of Ross on Wye, Herefordshire.

September saw me return to Hastings to say one final farewell to my friends, my plot and collect my harvest and fruit bushes. I was very sad for lots of reasons, but it will be a good move for us and I am already begining to make new friends.

We still have boxes to empty and lots to get organised indoors, but I have sorted my priorities and started a vegetable plot in the back garden. More convenient than an allotment, smaller, but just as much fun!


Lynn said...

Congratulations to HWDD in his new employment adventure!! Sounds like a step up for the family and an exciting time for you all.

Some fortunate person will inherit the labor of love you left behind and it will be a blessing for them.

You will not have to travel to your plot which is favorable! You can actually spend more time in the garden! ;)

I look forward to reading about your new adventures and seeing what you will do with the new land.

Perhaps you can pay a visit now and again to the people you have left behind.?

It was good to hear from you again!

Anonymous said...

wow, i can't believe i missed this! although i've not really been with it blogwise lately. hope it's all going well up north, so far away!
we're settling in nicely, but don't have a garden anywhere near as usuable as yours, it'll be lettuce and the like for us and not a lot else - although mr tom has put up landshare posters and we've had someone offer us their huge garden!