Thursday, May 18, 2006

Get rotting....

I’ve made a start on the compost bin. You can see that where I had a bonfire and didn’t spray the leaves with glyphosate, they have regenerated even having been burnt!
The big sack contains bark chippings to go round the raspberries.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Where did April go?

There is only have 10 weeks until our wedding and still so much to do, and flowers to grow- let alone start up an allotment!
Panic over, during my two-week break from work and the computer, I have been able to make some headway:
I planted up these trailing sweet peas to use at the wedding, but all the plants have now died! Lucky I have more pouches and spare plants

In the garden I’ve planted out a total of 52 climbing sweet pea plants for my bouquet and the bridesmaids, along with about 20 gypsophila plants that are already in bud! (Too early!)

We’ve eaten all the rhubarb

Down on the plot I’ve weeded & mulched the raspberries and started to build a compost bin from free pallets.