Friday, March 31, 2006

In the beginning....Oh my gosh!

Oh gosh what have I taken on! This is plot 26- my new allotment (as of tomorrow) and I'm now wondering what I've got myself into! I've been told that it has been cultivated in the last couple of years and that docks are a sign of good soil- but were they pulling my leg??

Friday, March 24, 2006

Room with a view...

The sun was shining yesterday so I walked the scenic route home from work, through the allotments. Although I don't 'officially' become a tenant until next Saturday the Council have let me keep the key, from when I viewed the plots! I'm very lucky that my plot is so close to home and work- as you can see from the photo. As I sit here (in my lunch break I hasten to add!) the view from my desk looks out over the plots! The moist frustrating time is when the sun is blazing, birds singing and I'm stuck in the office while everyone is beavering away tending their plants! I'm making the most of it though, as they are moving the office layout around and I'm going to be moved to look out over the car park soon :-(