Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Not so magic carpet....

Over the weekend, the man who has supplied my used carpet for the plot delivered a load more and I mean LOADS! I only discovered this today when went over there after work, and was confronted by a HUGE stinky pile. Apparently another plot holder let him and his lorry through the double gates so that he could un- load. It took me an hour to sort through it and you can see the surplus on the left of the picture- three big piles.

He had arranged to return and collect it today, but didn’t turn up, so I have a sinking feeling that I may be stuck with it! It’s already been offered on Hastings-Freecycle and I will do a sign so that any other plot holders know they can take it if they wish.

I weeded bed 1 and spread 7 sacks of manure out over the soil. I must remember to return soon and cover it up with the weed control fabric I bought dirt cheap earlier in the summer. The whole plot is now covered with carpet, so that I can just concentrate on getting each bed prepared in turn, without the continual battle against weed growth. Just hope my crops will grow as well as they seem to!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Overnight rain

Earlier this week we had some rain overnight and I had time before work to take some pictures around the garden. At the moment, when viewed from the house, the garden seems predominately green with little other colour, but the closer you get, the more you see the beauty of the shades of green and the smaller stuff not visible when standing at the kitchen sink looking out!

This is the Clematis armandii I thought had died (I'd killed!) earlier in the year after it flowered. I think I over did it with the chicken manure pellets, but it has sprouted back to life and will hopefully bloom again! (The brown leaves are the immature ones)

This is the rose we were given for our wedding by James & Marie. I'll add the name later as it's too dark to go into the garden now.

I love the vivid green of the new banana leaves as they uncurl. HWDD gave this to me on my birthday last year and it was cosseted in the back bedroom over winter. It's amazing how fast the leaves grow!

Not my favourite garden beastie, but I do admire spiders for their intricate webs. Sadly I inadvertantly destroyed all his hard work, as it was attached to the line I had to hang the washing on. This morning however he has remade it, so all is well!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Magic Carpet!

My carpet has arrived! What looked like a huge pile has actually only really covered about half the plot, but I’m sure my supplier John will be able to provide some more. He has to pay for it to go to landfill, so I’m doing him and the environment a favour! I hope that when I’ve finished with it, I can pass it on to another plot holder before the spring.
The only drawback is how smelly it is to work next to, having been made wet by the rain!

The compost heap is coming on and I've managed to almost fill the first section with stuff from the garden and unwarnted lawn turfs from Hastings-Freecycle.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Tasty Toms in Neglect Horror Exclusive!

These are my self sown, un-fed, un-watered, drought tolerant tomatoes and they taste delicious!
I’ve not tended them in any way and they are still producing a bountiful crop.

I grew toms in the greenhouse last year- which is where they must have seeded from, but considering the extremely high temperatures the greenhouse must have endured this summer- without any shading either- it just proves how adaptable nature can be!

Made my bed...won't lie in it though!

Saturday, HWDD was working so I was able to spend most of the day on the plot. First I went to collect wood from the industrial estate. There were a few men from the factory still working, who offered to help break up the old pallets, but I proved that I’m stronger than I look! (The Body Pump classes are paying off!)

I had enough to finish the sides of the compost bin and complete one and a half 5m x 1m beds before I ran out of time! I also dispatched the weeds with a freshly sharpened hoe- showing no mercy, with threats of ‘smothering’ given to the larger one’s as I intend to cover them with carpet very soon!
It’s all starting to take shape at last!

Thanks to my neighbours on plot 27 who kindly gave be a bundle of runner beans- they were lovely!

Friday, September 08, 2006


I’ve found a wonderful free supply of extremely well rotted horse manure. As you can see from the picture it’s a HUGE pile! Rich & crumbly, I was able to cut through it with my spade as if cutting peat sods and filled the car with 15 bags which are now stacked next to the almost finished, compost bin.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

:-( Weeds..

You turn your back for 2 weeks and next thing you know the little blighters have gained a hold! The Hungarian rye grass has failed to germinate, but the weeds don't seem to have had any trouble!!
Any idea what they are? Should I be worried about them being perennial with 1m tap roots?

I'm seriously thinking about following Steve's example and covering the pathways with weed suppressant fabric. He has told me that it allows more time for growing crops and that you can also work on it when the weather is bad- without getting too muddy.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

To Let: Ladybird Homes- Brand New, Close to all amenities…..

If you’re interested here’s how to make a winter hideaway for welcome insects on the allotment.

Take the stems of your allium flowers and cut into 10cm pieces.
Bind together with an elastic band.

Cut an old 2litre plastic drink bottle in half, then cut off the top and bottom.
Slit each ring so that you can roll the plastic around the bundles and secure with staples.

Thread some garden wire through the tube and secure to make a handle to hang somewhere sheltered in the garden plot. Hey presto!

It's been too wet and windy this weekend to get onto the allotment or in the garden, but hopefully some sunshine is on its way!