Thursday, September 21, 2006

Overnight rain

Earlier this week we had some rain overnight and I had time before work to take some pictures around the garden. At the moment, when viewed from the house, the garden seems predominately green with little other colour, but the closer you get, the more you see the beauty of the shades of green and the smaller stuff not visible when standing at the kitchen sink looking out!

This is the Clematis armandii I thought had died (I'd killed!) earlier in the year after it flowered. I think I over did it with the chicken manure pellets, but it has sprouted back to life and will hopefully bloom again! (The brown leaves are the immature ones)

This is the rose we were given for our wedding by James & Marie. I'll add the name later as it's too dark to go into the garden now.

I love the vivid green of the new banana leaves as they uncurl. HWDD gave this to me on my birthday last year and it was cosseted in the back bedroom over winter. It's amazing how fast the leaves grow!

Not my favourite garden beastie, but I do admire spiders for their intricate webs. Sadly I inadvertantly destroyed all his hard work, as it was attached to the line I had to hang the washing on. This morning however he has remade it, so all is well!

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