Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Made my bed...won't lie in it though!

Saturday, HWDD was working so I was able to spend most of the day on the plot. First I went to collect wood from the industrial estate. There were a few men from the factory still working, who offered to help break up the old pallets, but I proved that I’m stronger than I look! (The Body Pump classes are paying off!)

I had enough to finish the sides of the compost bin and complete one and a half 5m x 1m beds before I ran out of time! I also dispatched the weeds with a freshly sharpened hoe- showing no mercy, with threats of ‘smothering’ given to the larger one’s as I intend to cover them with carpet very soon!
It’s all starting to take shape at last!

Thanks to my neighbours on plot 27 who kindly gave be a bundle of runner beans- they were lovely!


john curtin said...

Those beds look great. It makes such a difference having the wooden sides helping keep out encroaching grass etc.

Only a few more to do!

she who digs said...

Only 12 & half more to do!
The chap from plot 51 has very kindly said that I can have any wook I like from his pile of surplus! Allotment folk are so generous, I just hope I can give a little in return once I get established.

Rebsie Fairholm said...

Sarah, I really admire your dedication in getting stuck into that plot. I know how demoralising it can be when you're faced with all that digging and weeding but it's really paying off! I think you're doing an amazing job.