Thursday, October 23, 2008

My New Allotment!

Yes I know I probably need my head tested but this allotment business is addictive!

Plot 26A, below mine, was originally worked for many years by the man I took mine over from. It was let in 2007 to a man I saw only twice. He didn’t return and the weeds went to seed.

I put my name on the waiting list for it, and it was offered to me last autumn when I was heavily pregnant and in no shape to dig, so it was let to a friendly woman with 4 children. She did a sterling job at tackling the weeds and planting crops, but sadly she didn’t return for her beans, garlic or onions and the bindweed took over once more. With 4 children I can understand the demands on her time- and I’ve just got one!

So, here I am the new tenant of 5 rods of plot 26A, a homemade glasshouse (of such) and a SHED! It may only be the size of a WC cubicle but it’s still my own shed.

It was very exciting to cut off the rusting padlock and discover what was inside. It was just as well I don’t mind spiders & cobwebs, as the contents were a little disappointing. Most of it is junk and will go to the tip but I can use the bubble wrap on the green house at home, the dustbin incinerator and the long handled weed scratchers that look like two large chicken’s feet!
(Mary, if you want any of this back, just leave me a message below)

I have great enthusiasm for my new land, but my time is limited and my energy low, but I won’t let that stop me. I can drift peacefully off to sleep at night imagining it without a weed in sight, with rich crumbly soil and rows of healthy crops, bountiful with harvest and a rosy cheeked toddler caked in mud, grinning from ear to ear!

A girl can dream can’t she?

Plot 26- Not much growing except Brussels spouts, celeriac & red cabbage. I'm still catching up on the weeding and trying to get my late spuds up before the slugs eat them all. The leeks seem to be doing well

And for all the Baby Digger followers across the globe, some recent photos of our Cheeky Chappy on holiday in Slovenia last week with his cousins.