Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Meet the neighbours...

I thought I’d show you what the plots around mine (number 26) look like.
To my left is:

The one to my right has been worked by the same person for over 30 years:

A guy took up plot 26A below me at the same time as I started plot 26, as they used to be worked as one by the previous tenant.

I’ve got my name first on the waiting list should he wish to give it up, and wished now that I’d taken both last year. Realistically though, it would have been too much to cope with all at once, but now I’m established, I’ve a hankering for more space for fruit trees, and permanent fruit bus beds- not to mention HWDD’s favourite- Rhubarb!


A fairly typically wet Bank Holiday weekend just gone, but I do have some photos to update you with. HWDD’s parents visited (MIL & FIL!) and requested a visit to my plot. We managed to get there and back on foot before it rained, then packed up ‘The Boys’ and went off for lunch.

‘The Boys’ are HWDD’s family tortoises ‘Speedy’ and ‘Wally’, who had been staying with us while MIL & FIL were on holiday. At home they have the run of the garden and obviously didn’t like being penned in with our makeshift chicken-wire enclosure, as Speedy escaped TWICE and Wally once. It’s just the worst feeling to come home, find them missing, dredge the pond fearing the worst- but a HUGE relief to find them happily asleep under a plant! They certainly enjoyed a visit from my two eldest nieces last week.

I needed to work of the delicious lunch, so spent a couple of hours on the plot Saturday afternoon. I finished weeding & digging bed three (above) ready for the peas & beans and strimmed the pathway and edges. There just 2 more beds to weed, but I really don't have much enthusiasm for it! I don't want to dig them, as it's where the brassicas will go, (keep the soil fitm) but will have to do something soon as by greenhouse is bursting at the seams with broccoli & cabbages!

We’ve been eating some of the broad beans that were sown in October, and strangely just one of the 15 or so plants is being attached by black fly!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Happy (not so old) woman!

The 2nd free Bosch battery for the strimmer has arrived! I just need it to stop raining long enough to get out to the plot and try it out!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Grumpy old woman?

Grrrrrrrrrrr I'm beginning to feel like one of the above as I'm now having a run-in with B&Q. I bought a cordless strimmer for the Lottie & garden which they are marketing as having a "Second free battery for longer cutting time".

Open the box- only one battery- ring store- ring Bosch- ring another Bosch number- office closed grrr!
Next day- ring B&Q- make complaint- ring Bosch again- ring a third Bosch number- finally told to send in a letter with receipt- draft letter- go to post office- send recorded as receipt is proof of 2 yr guarantee.

What's next- things always happen in threes?

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Reply to complaint to T & M

"Thank you for your recent e-mail.

The plants are cuttings from the parent plant and these will have the appearance of being wilted due to the time lapse of the plants leaving our warehouse and being delivered.

We would advise customers to plant them up immediately following the cultural instructions and we are confident these will produce a good root system in the next 3 to 4 weeks and go on to become healthy plants."

I've already done what they suggested, as per instructions that came with the plants- so will have to just wait & see!

Monday, May 07, 2007

Fruit, carrots & parsnips

I took Friday off work to make an extra long weekend and spend time on the allotment while HWDD was at work (Sunday too, as he also had to work)

I dug and raked the bed for the carrots & parsnips in 30 minute bursts, interspersed with 'rests' to plant the fruit bushes and enjoy the sunshine!
Sunday the weather was much colder and greyer, but I didn't mind as I still had bed 2 (peas & beans) to dig. I had soaked both the beds the day before and covered with carpet, to soften the clay crust, so it was pretty easy going.

I sowed 4 rows of Parsnip Javelin and one row each of carrots: Early Nantes, Autumn King & Health master. The other 3 rows of each will follow in succession.

We've started eating the small broad bean pods- steamed whole -yum!

Only managed 1/2 of the bean bed before retiring to the garden after lunch and planting up my previous veggie plot, used for sweet peas last year and left bare since then.

I noticed this fern (type unknown- donated by dad) and was compelled to take a picture. I was taken by it's lovely shape when viewed from directly above!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Sweet potato disappointment

Copy of complaint to Thompson & Morgan 3rd May 2007

Dear Sir or Madam,
I wish to make a complaint about the produce I have just received: 10 slips of sweet potato Beauregard- photos attached.

As you can see they are very wilted and probably beyond saving.
I am not at all impressed with how they were packaged: just loosely in a plastic bag without any moisture retaining tissue.

Having paid £11.49 for them back in 2006, (more than £1 each) I wish to inform you that I am requesting a full refund (not a credit note) as I will, in future, be taking my custom elsewhere.