Monday, April 10, 2006

Not enough hours in the day...

Managed to get 7 sweet peas planted out into the garden over the weekend- then realised I hadn’t transferred their labels with them –Doh!

The gypsophila are being hardened off next to the greenhouse.

The rest of the sweet peas are tucked up every night between the kitchen & the shed in bubble wrap.

My Clematis armandii is flowering for the first time this year and

The Marsh Marigold(?)in the pond is about to burst open!

The tadpoles are growing fast too!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

WOW- What a difference a day makes!

After 6 hours of noisy work with the petrol strimmer it’s amazing how different plot 26 looks. (Mind you I feel like I’ve run a marathon this morning!)

See below for before

Here’s me in action (He Who Doesn’t Dig called in for his first visit- just as I was finishing- great timing!)

I met Richard, the owner of the plot I aspire to (all very neat and orderly) and Colin my immediate neighbour to the east. Everyone passing was very friendly and seemed pleased that the plot was now in use again. I learnt that the previous owner worked for the local parks department and always kept it pristine- No Pressure!!

Friday, April 07, 2006

I would just like to thank.....

A big "Thank You" must go out to Greenmantle from Dig For victory for helping me get my front page links sorted!

He Who Doesn't Dig is borrowing a petrol strimmer from his work for me to use on my plot tomorrow, so I can start tackling the weeds! Will the sun shine?

Promise to post photos; much more attractive than too much text!

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Home grown rhubarb delight!

Woo-hoo I’ve discovered I’ve got raspberries! On my first day (yesterday) I spent my first hour on my new plot uncovering the raspberries from underneath the couch grass, dandelion and creeping buttercup. Lots of old canes broke off in my hands, but there were a few new green shoots poking though, which was heartening to know they haven’t been choked. Should have remembered the camera, but in an hour all I cleared was about 1.5m square. (The whole plot is 117m sq, so at the rate it will take me 78 hours- Gulp!)
Met 3 other plot holders and have already got an contact for a local famer who would deliver a trailer load of horse poo for a very reasonable rate. Didn't have long as I had to be cleaned up and ready for dining out on curry (Bay Spice) on the seafront, then the hilarious film "Kinky Boots" at the Electric Palace .
Today I've not been to the plot, but haven't been idle! We now have a new 210 litre water butt rigged up to collect from the kitchen roof and I've put up the 8ft bamboo canes for the wedding sweet pea cordons. I really need to get them out of the greenhouse as some are over a foot tall! Would they survive any frost we may get? Would fleece protect them?
Have to go, He Who Doesn't Dig has made dinner and I know there is home grown rhubarb crumble for pudding- yum!