Sunday, April 09, 2006

WOW- What a difference a day makes!

After 6 hours of noisy work with the petrol strimmer it’s amazing how different plot 26 looks. (Mind you I feel like I’ve run a marathon this morning!)

See below for before

Here’s me in action (He Who Doesn’t Dig called in for his first visit- just as I was finishing- great timing!)

I met Richard, the owner of the plot I aspire to (all very neat and orderly) and Colin my immediate neighbour to the east. Everyone passing was very friendly and seemed pleased that the plot was now in use again. I learnt that the previous owner worked for the local parks department and always kept it pristine- No Pressure!!


owen said...

You better hurry up with your garden sarah!

she who digs said...

Thanks Owen, Maybe you'd like to come for a visit and help me?

Owen is my 12 year old nephew who lives in Tunbrighe Wells. His mum, my big sister #2 has just gone 'online' at home.