Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sunday morning in the garden....

SHD: “Honey, I’m off to the shops- will be about an hour. I’ll leave you in peace to trim the hedge”

One hour later……



Don’t panic, only kidding, this was all planned, although it looks rather harsh. We’re really, really hoping that with some manure and TLC the privet hedge will regenerate a good as new. We are planning on having our mish-mash concrete patio levelled and needed to cut it back before work starts.
Please grow!!

What annoyed me greatly was that the previous owner had left so much rubble behind when he constructed the patio. I dug out 8 (liftable) sacks of broken paving slabs and clusters of bricks. I will offer them on freecycle before recycling them at the tip. ( I know it's a 'he' as I work with his nephew!)

There are now signs in the garden that spring will soon be upon us:

Pussy willow in bud.

A baby newt found hiding in the soil under the (now bare) hedge.

The camelia which has been in flower since late January!

And the frogs must have known that it was Valentines Day last week!

Friday, February 09, 2007

Winter hibernation.

I feel a bit like I’m in hibernation with this blog at the moment, but promise to start posting a bit more regularly when things start getting sown in spring.

I have been able to get onto the plot and continue to make the raised beds, even though it is squelchy and very wet. The carpet pathways are slowly being replaced with woven landscape fabric, as the beds are constructed – 6 down, 6 to go!

The rhubarb from the garden has been transplanted into bed 4, along with a bargain £1.99 plant from ESK Warehouse.

The broad beans, garlic and shallots are all growing well and each time I visit, I can’t help but pick a shallot leaf to taste the intense flavour- much to the annoyance of HWDD, who now avoids kissing me hello, when I get home!