Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Reply to complaint to T & M

"Thank you for your recent e-mail.

The plants are cuttings from the parent plant and these will have the appearance of being wilted due to the time lapse of the plants leaving our warehouse and being delivered.

We would advise customers to plant them up immediately following the cultural instructions and we are confident these will produce a good root system in the next 3 to 4 weeks and go on to become healthy plants."

I've already done what they suggested, as per instructions that came with the plants- so will have to just wait & see!


Frankie Baby said...

Sorry but how is 'appears to have wilted' different from actual wilting!

I hope it works out, if not then we're all with you: go get 'em!

welsh girls allotment said...

ooops and there we all were organising protest marches and petitions about the quality of the plants from T & M ! I hope they come through for you - keeo us posted

Matron said...

While we're on the subject, I only got a 5 ft row out of both packets of Detroit and Perfect Beetroot from T&M. My carrot resistafly has failed to germinate bar 3 seedlings. I also bought their new tomato Harlequin last year and for £2.99 I got 6 seeds!.. join the gang.