Monday, May 07, 2007

Fruit, carrots & parsnips

I took Friday off work to make an extra long weekend and spend time on the allotment while HWDD was at work (Sunday too, as he also had to work)

I dug and raked the bed for the carrots & parsnips in 30 minute bursts, interspersed with 'rests' to plant the fruit bushes and enjoy the sunshine!
Sunday the weather was much colder and greyer, but I didn't mind as I still had bed 2 (peas & beans) to dig. I had soaked both the beds the day before and covered with carpet, to soften the clay crust, so it was pretty easy going.

I sowed 4 rows of Parsnip Javelin and one row each of carrots: Early Nantes, Autumn King & Health master. The other 3 rows of each will follow in succession.

We've started eating the small broad bean pods- steamed whole -yum!

Only managed 1/2 of the bean bed before retiring to the garden after lunch and planting up my previous veggie plot, used for sweet peas last year and left bare since then.

I noticed this fern (type unknown- donated by dad) and was compelled to take a picture. I was taken by it's lovely shape when viewed from directly above!


lilymarlene said...

I'll be really interested to see how you get on with that cranberry bush. We toured some cranberry bogs in New England a few years ago and I thought then that I'd love to grow them, but we don't have a "bog"! If you are successful I'll have a go too!

John Curtin said...

I've looked at the allotment over the past few posts - amazing how it has come on!!!!! I'm envious of those tight angles on the raised beds. Mine are a bit more 'free form'.

shirl said...


Just visiting and spotted a plant I recognised – the fern your Dad gave you. I have some myself after seeing a fantastic clump of them at Cambridge Botanical Gardens about 10 years ago.

I know your plant as the ‘Shuttlecock’ fern but it is also known as the ‘Ostrich fern. I believe it is Matteuccia struthiopteris.

I am not a veg or fruit grower. I have only a small mix in my tiny greenhouse - the usual suspects tomatoes etc. However I must comment on your allotment it looks very impressive. I hope you get good weather this year for it.

Val Grainger said...

I am soooooo impressed with your raised

Will link you to my blog as I'm sure there will be great interest!!