Tuesday, September 05, 2006

:-( Weeds..

You turn your back for 2 weeks and next thing you know the little blighters have gained a hold! The Hungarian rye grass has failed to germinate, but the weeds don't seem to have had any trouble!!
Any idea what they are? Should I be worried about them being perennial with 1m tap roots?

I'm seriously thinking about following Steve's example and covering the pathways with weed suppressant fabric. He has told me that it allows more time for growing crops and that you can also work on it when the weather is bad- without getting too muddy.

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primrozie said...

That's been my story all summer. It's a good thing that in the spring I was on top of it or I don't know if I would have gained control of them. Your weeds only resemble our dandelions. They have the same growing habit including huge taproot. We have a gadget that pulls up the root. I'll see if I can find an ad for one on the internet and link it on my site.

Weeds are one of the reason I've built the raised beds. Planting intensively crowds out weeds. I actually plant bush beans 2 inches apart. They form a canopy when mature.

Good idea to use the weed barrier on paths.