Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Not so magic carpet....

Over the weekend, the man who has supplied my used carpet for the plot delivered a load more and I mean LOADS! I only discovered this today when went over there after work, and was confronted by a HUGE stinky pile. Apparently another plot holder let him and his lorry through the double gates so that he could un- load. It took me an hour to sort through it and you can see the surplus on the left of the picture- three big piles.

He had arranged to return and collect it today, but didn’t turn up, so I have a sinking feeling that I may be stuck with it! It’s already been offered on Hastings-Freecycle and I will do a sign so that any other plot holders know they can take it if they wish.

I weeded bed 1 and spread 7 sacks of manure out over the soil. I must remember to return soon and cover it up with the weed control fabric I bought dirt cheap earlier in the summer. The whole plot is now covered with carpet, so that I can just concentrate on getting each bed prepared in turn, without the continual battle against weed growth. Just hope my crops will grow as well as they seem to!


john curtin said...

Getting it covered is half the battle. I use landscape fabric along the pathways between the beds and it works fine.

primrozie said...

Anything that will keep from getting muddy is great. Carpet was a good idea and you sure do have loads of it!

You're making a lot of progress. I just planted garlic and shallots. I never had luck with them before, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.