Saturday, September 02, 2006

To Let: Ladybird Homes- Brand New, Close to all amenities…..

If you’re interested here’s how to make a winter hideaway for welcome insects on the allotment.

Take the stems of your allium flowers and cut into 10cm pieces.
Bind together with an elastic band.

Cut an old 2litre plastic drink bottle in half, then cut off the top and bottom.
Slit each ring so that you can roll the plastic around the bundles and secure with staples.

Thread some garden wire through the tube and secure to make a handle to hang somewhere sheltered in the garden plot. Hey presto!

It's been too wet and windy this weekend to get onto the allotment or in the garden, but hopefully some sunshine is on its way!


Anonymous said...

Rent per week? Hot and cold water, heating?
When can I move in?
Lady W Bug.

she who digs said...

Free if you promise to eat the green & black fly on my crops next year! You should be warm & cosy for the winter- available from this weekend!

Rebsie Fairholm said...

Allium stalks? Wow, that's a good idea. Those things are quite expensive to buy ready made and that's a great alternative.