Friday, March 31, 2006

In the beginning....Oh my gosh!

Oh gosh what have I taken on! This is plot 26- my new allotment (as of tomorrow) and I'm now wondering what I've got myself into! I've been told that it has been cultivated in the last couple of years and that docks are a sign of good soil- but were they pulling my leg??


lilymarlene said...

It looks good to me! No brambles as far as I can see......and docks are not difficult to weed out.
If I were you I'd chop down the top growth and burn or compost it. Then cover half of the plot up with plastic to start the process of killing the weeds. Then concentrate on digging the rest thoroughly, sowing your seeds in the clean soil about a week after digging and raking. That way it will not be too long before you have something growing.
Is it only flowers you want to grow? If so you have more than enough room there!

Greenmantle said...

Good luck!

Hope you have a few friends who will work for beer and sandwiches!


Petunia's Gardener said...

Congratulations - she's a beauty! Bet your next picture will already show lots of progress. Did you see the first shot from The Blackberry Garden or the first shot of my former alpaca pasture? Hope you had some good weather and time to putter at the allotment today.