Friday, March 24, 2006

Room with a view...

The sun was shining yesterday so I walked the scenic route home from work, through the allotments. Although I don't 'officially' become a tenant until next Saturday the Council have let me keep the key, from when I viewed the plots! I'm very lucky that my plot is so close to home and work- as you can see from the photo. As I sit here (in my lunch break I hasten to add!) the view from my desk looks out over the plots! The moist frustrating time is when the sun is blazing, birds singing and I'm stuck in the office while everyone is beavering away tending their plants! I'm making the most of it though, as they are moving the office layout around and I'm going to be moved to look out over the car park soon :-(


lilymarlene said...

How frustrating! Still at least you'll be able to "keep an eye" on your plot.
Your home garden looks good!
My husband's father was from Hastings (born before 1900!) so we know the East Hill quite well. How near are your plots to there?

Greenmantle said...

Welcome to Allotmenteers Anonymous!
I've been a plot addict for a few years now just up the road from you in Tonbridge, but only started blogging last month.
Good luck with your new plot - I've put you on my links list.



Petunia's Gardener said...

Congratulations on your new spot & blog. Sound like you could plan for some "lunches" out when you can't keep away. Enjoy! -Paula (i.e. Petunia's Gardener)

Greenmantle said...

Hi She who digs,

I can easily send you the simple instructions for editing your links, but not here...Blogger won't let me post the template extracts in this messages format

E-mail me again via my site and include your own e-mail address and I'll forward them to you.

Allotment Lady said...

I am looking forward to you getting your allotment. And growing your own wedding flowers will be so special.

I have a husband who talks about 'our allotment' but it is really mine, and apart from helping me with really heavy jobs, he prefers golf and bowls and eating the produce. But I am happy with that - I am not interested in golf and old bones will not let me play bowls - phew had a narrow escape there.

Your plot must really be near to your home - lucky you - and how nice to see if from your office window, albeit until they move you to look at the car park

Maybe you will be spending your lunch break actually on it in the summer eating your sandwiches

Hope so - and enjoy the fun of growing things

patsy said...

glad to find another allotment lady in uk. i enjoy reading about the lives in uk i live in arkansas usa