Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Precious seedling: due for delivery March 2008

I do have a good reason for my apparent lack of activity on the plot- we are expecting ‘Baby Digger’ in early March, which has somewhat taken priority and most of my energy over the last 6 months.
I hope that all the fresh, homegrown fruit & veggies I’ve been eating have started baby off on the right path and I certainly plan to introduce him/her to the plot early on, but am trying to be realistic in what I think I can do next year!

In between decorating the nursery and preparing for Christmas I did get chance to photograph the brighter highlights in the garden:

This Acer has not been 'Photoshopped' I promise!


Sue Swift said...

Congratulations! It's when they're about due for repotting that the fun starts ... :))

threadspider said...

Congratulations on baby digger! May your seedling grow strong and healthy.

this is my patch said...

Congratulations on the announcement of 'baby digger', I had thought 'she who digs' had been quiet of late, now I know the reason! I look forward to seeing baby on the plot next year. x


Don't worry about gaps between visiting, this blogging does take up a lot of time, I have given up on a lot of TV and reading magazines now! I expect you are looking forward to the arrival of Baby Who Digs, I hope he/she will like pureed vegetables! x