Wednesday, March 05, 2008


I may be blooming (and waiting!) but my garden and plot are also 'Springing' into life with all this sunny weather.

We're still eating the Brussels Sprouts (do they count as 'flowers'?) and the white sprouting broccoli, but will leave the garden blooms alone, as they won't be as palatable!

The Clematis armandi will need some attentionto tie in the new growth before the next high wind.

I was quite impressed with the 3 headed narcissus!


Hedgewitch said...

wow.. a three-headed narcissus?! impressive indeed :-)


I can imagine you are now blooming, just like that lovely daffodil is. Not long to go now. What a lovely trip around your spring plants, what a wonderful sight your clematis are. Good luck with the imminent arrival of baby digger. x

Jan, San Francisco, CA said...

Lovely to see your "springing into life" photos on your blog. Ambled over here from BeanSprouts to copy my response to your question re "white spirit vinegar." Since I responded so much after the fact of the original posting, I wasn't sure you'd go back to that particular post.

"Living in the States, trying to avoid harsher products, I've always used white vinegar, as well as baking soda, as constant cleaning aids and am fortunate to have ready availability of the larger size containers in local grocery stores. So imagine my dismay when spending summers in Ireland, to find such small containers of my beloved products. However, success! In Ireland I've been able to find approximately 3.75 liter bottles of white vinegar at the Musgraves Cash & Carry wholesale stores. While I cannot find online a Musgraves in England, I'd suggest checking with other wholesalers in your area. Also, make sure you and your friends keep mentioning to your local Londis or Budgens (partner companies to Musgraves) that you want the larger quantities and perhaps consumer demand will force stocking of these wonderful cleaning tools. Best of luck!