Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Photo update!

I managed to borrow the camera from work so am now able to update you on the progress of wedding sweet peas!

These are some of the 255 stems I cut Monday night. I put them into bunches and delivered them to our local Hospice on Tuesday morning- which went down a treat.

The plants have now reached the top of their 7 foot canes and I’ve had to stretch up to nip out their growing tips! We've not been picking the rhubarb- after forcing it so hard this year and the puny gypsophila can just be see in amongst seedling Sweet Williams. I will be buying mine from Morrisons!

The lilac ones are really shooting up too!

Below are some of the other things blooming in the garden at the moment:

That seems to be my limit for one posting- but I've got lots more to show you!


Greenhouse Girl said...

Hi ... gorgeous pictures ... just wish I had ‘smell-o-vision’ as I’m sure the sweetpeas must have a beautiful fragrance!

she who digs said...

Thanks- yes they do smell wonderful- not too overpowering- even in large quantities! They really have been a labour of love as I've spent HOURS tending to them; taking off the tendrils and tying them in, watering, feeding etc. I’ve actually used up a whole 300m ball of string! Lets hope they don’t exhaust themselves before July 16th! Maybe some of your Troll enhanced well water would help keep them going? SWD

Greenhouse Girl said...

I’m not only impressed by your hard work ... but also by the fact that you took the blooms to your local hospice ... I think your place in heaven is definitely guaranteed!
Re the troll enhanced well water ... I’ll have words with him tonight and ask him to divert some water your way (may take some time ... digging a well, well it’s a struggle).

P.S. Hate to be cheeky ... but would you like to add me to your links ... I’m sometimes lonely on my blog ... maybe some of your visitors would visit me?

lilymarlene said...

All looking on track for the big day! Well done!
Greenhouse Girl.....I tried clicking on your link but just get that infuriating "site unavailabvle" message. I'd love to visit your blog but can't!