Monday, June 19, 2006

Watery Grave...

It seems that the waterproof housing for the camera wasn't that waterproof after all!
Disaster struck of Friday when the casing failed and flooded the camera- it went to it's watery grave off the coast of Cornwall. It's been used underwater many times before so he doesn't know why it failed (better here than on Honeymoon I suppose) Replacing it can go on the list for He How Doesn't Dig to sort before the wedding! So sorry, no photos for a while.

I spent another hour or so tying in the sweet peas and snipping off the tendrils. (so that they don't bend the flower stems) The longest stem so far was 55cm to the first flower bud- beat that!

I cut about 30 on Friday and a massive 145 Sunday night! Fed them all after dark and mulched their roots with bark with encouraging words pleading "please keep flowering”!


Rebsie Fairholm said...

Eek! Sorry to hear about your camera catastrophe.

Keep talking to those sweet peas though ... I'm sure they'll do you proud.


patsy said...

sorry your camera went to it watery grave. i love your photos.

Anonymous said...

How many flowers have you picked?

she who digs said...

Overall I must have picked well in excess of 600 blooms from 54 plants! The highest amount cut in one go was 295, which all went to the local Hospice. It got so time consuming towards the end, picking off the tendrils and tying in the stems, that I just couldn't continue to count them. I used over 300m of garden string, but it was all worth it in the end. Check back soon for more photos! SWD