Tuesday, November 07, 2006

He Who Does Dig (with machinery only!)

As you can see from the photos, HWDD & I were out on the plot early Saturday morning to take delivery of a rotivator for 3 hours. The site looked magical with the sun glinting off the frost & dew!

We moved the carpet off, dug out all the docks that were pushing up underneath and relocated three frogs that had been hiding. I was amazed at how long the dock roots were- some nearly 40cm and as fat as a large parsnip!

HHDD was more than happy to fire up the rotivator and get stuck in. He has, like many men, a fondness for powered tools and much prefers using mechanical things to manual ones!

I have a strange fondness for the look, texture and smell of freshly dug earth. It’s cleanliness (of weeds!) and freshness inspires me to want to sow, nurture and care for all the lovely things I plan to grow to feed us next year!

The weeds will probably grow back with vengeance in spring, but for now I feel very proud of what we have achieved together, and it was lovely to have some help and company from HWDD to achieve it! I couldn't have done it without him!

Once the machinery had been collected, I raked & levelled the plot, measured and marked out the other 12 beds and cut the carpet into strips to cover the paths temporarily. This will allow me to work through the winter building the wooden beds without getting plastered in mud! The carpet will be replaced with weed control matting as they are constructed, as I’ve found it’s best to tuck this under the wood, and secure with homemade metal staples.

Boy did I ache on Sunday!


Greenmantle said...

Big Boys Toys!...Never fails!!

dad said...

thats my boy. dad

Allotment Lady said...

That surely was a bit hefty machine - and what a transformation

Looking forward to seeing your progress over the winter and next year.

Great being able to make plans isn't it

john curtin said...

When you go to get the matting use the stuff used in nursery paths and garden centres - it's usually marked out in squares. I've found this much stronger and will last much longer than the lighter stuff (like the stuff sold a Homebase...the first circle of hell!). Try looking for it at the mail order Two Wests & Elliot

Petunia's Gardener said...

You get the prize for most November progress! So many of us can only sink in the mud right now. Hey, out early to run the tiller - yeah for HWDD!

Greenfingers said...

I am still at the digging up brambles and docks stage. Decided that we have too much bind weed to use a rotivator so we are doing it all by hand.Oh how I long for a bed or two!Although I have bought some seeds for the spring, to start off in the greenhouse, just to keep me inspired.

she who digs said...

Thank you all for your words of encouragement! Although I haven’t exactly been very active in leaving messages on your Blogs, it’s good to know that you are still browsing mine. I often take a look at yours and will endeavour to let you know I’m there, more often in future!

Darrol & Raylene Magor said...

Sarah & Mike come out here to SthAust and help s with our weed.
Great to read your HWDD garden update we have a vege garden growing poor things they need a bit of rain from the heavens.

John Curtin said...

Hi Sarah - thanks for the good wishes.
Put my beans in about a week ahead of yours, then put in another lot about same time as yours and they hadn't shown by last weekend.
When I get to the allotment next weekend if they haven't shown I'll sow again. Could be that mice or some other critter got them!

Yes that's me in the photo - a good friend said he'd recognise that arse anywhere!

she who digs said...

Lovely to speak with you this morning, and Darrol, I hope you enjoyed your birthday dinner at Murray River!

Libbys Blog said...

My friens Allotment Lady is going to think I have been stalking her! I haven't honest, I've been blog hopping! Gazing enviously at other peoples allotments!!!!! I look forward to following your progress!!!

mike netherwood said...

Good to see Michael grafting!
Happy Christmas top you both & a successful plot in 2007