Tuesday, November 28, 2006

One month after 1st planting......

There is life on my plot- in addition to the worms & weeds!

One month on and the broad beans, garlic and shallots are all doing well.
The plastic cover to my cloche blew away in high winds and although my plot neighbour and I both searched, it has vanished without a trace!

With a little help from Erica from Freecycle, I now have a stack of old floorboards to finish off the raised beds. Four beds done- only eight more to go!!


Welsh Girl's Allotment said...

Hurray, isn't is great to see things growing at this grotty time of year, I visited my lotties today and was thrilled with my garlics progress, the beans have been 2 possibly 3 weeks but there is no sign of life yet. I need Feb/Mar to hurry along to the serious planting can begin !!

RobD said...

Still no sign of my garlic, well apart from the ones the birds pulled up.

Nice machinery in the previous entry ;>)


lilymarlene said...

Greta to see mine are not behind yours.....garlic, b beans and shallots (in my kitchen garden!) And....love your raised beds. I'll be doing them on my new plot when I finally make up my mind which I'm having!!!!

lilymarlene said...

I'm sorry if you get two posts from me......the site didn't accept the first one (or so I thought) then I realised that you have to approve them first.....so You will possibly have two from me....or three with this one!!!!!