Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

The sun shone all day today- what a wonderful way to welcome in the New Year. I hope to be back on the allotment at the weekend after having some time off while busy with Christmas. WHDD has agreed to help me collect some more wood to edge the beds with, from a local Freecycler but has has chuckled at me for preparing an Excel spreadsheet with all my seed details on it. It will help me plan and make sure I don’t buy any more of what I already have! It’s a quiet time of year for growing, but I’ve got lots of plans for spring and have ordered my spuds and sweet potatoes in readiness.

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Greenmantle said...

Hi Sarah.

You have been "tagged" on my blog update.(Yeah, I did one!)

Rest assured however that it's painless and doesn't convey any nasty germs.