Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Productive weekend!

I managed to get my 42 sweet corn seedlings planted out

Pea, pink climbing bean and mange tout seedlings transplanted and fresh seeds sown,

Beetroot sown

Peas planted and new seed sown. (garlic to the left is amost finished)

I went back at about 9pm Sunday evening on slug watch- to pick off the offenders into the bucket and re-locate them to a ‘wild’ part of the site. (Can’t bear to dispatch them!) I lost count after 50, the majority of whom were happily devouring my onions!


Katie said...

Everything looks great! How do you tell when garlic is ready for harvest?

She Who Digs said...

Hi Katie, I couldn't reach you on your blog, but to answer your question, it will turn brown and flop over. Mine has quite severe rust on it, but this shouldn't affect the actual garlic bulbs. Save some for planting out in the autumn, as garlic needs sone cold weather to develop good cloves. Thanks for stopping by, SWD.

primrozie said...

This is the first year I grew garlic...I also grew shallots. I planted it last fall. None of it looks like it will die back any time soon. I can't wait to harvest it. We have eaten shallots though and oh my, they're awesome.

Your garden is amazing. Will you preserve any of it?

sandia said...

Thanks for the response. My garlic is brown, but hasn't flopped over yet, so I guess it has awhile left to go.