Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Things seem to be growing really well at the moment. The sweet corn is really putting on height and I’ve not lost any to slugs.

Same goes for the Brussels Sprouts and Curly Kale- netted from cabbage whites and pigeons.

The spuds are doing their best to shade out the weeds, but I think I could have planted them closer together. Earthing them up is quite hard in the raised beds, so note to self for next year – rake all the soil to the middle of the bed before planting two rows then use this to earth them up. One bed of lates didn’t get done or weeded (top right) and they don’t seem to be doing as well as the others. Too late to worry now though and I guess we’ll be over run with spuds at the end of the season anyway!


another voice in the crowd said...

Wow SWD.. your carrots and sweetcorn are really looking good! I'm quite envious of your nice open allotment with all the sun it looks like it gets.

My Tomatoes are on the road to recovery now thanks to your advice about the leaves, although I'm not too sure they'd have recovered so quickly if I'd taken any more off.

Best veggie wishes,


lilymarlene said...

Your plot is really looking beautiful this year....well done.
Ref the rust on the garlic, I'm not sure.
Mine have little rust coloured spots on the outer leaves. I was going to pull these off and then string them once dry. Hope they'll be ok!