Friday, August 31, 2007

He may not dig, but he sure does fish!

Last weekend He Who Doesn’t Dig & I went fishing for mackerel from our local beach.
You didn’t really need a rod & line, as you could have waded in with a net, there were so many of them. The water looked like it was boiling as the mackerel fed manically on the smaller whitebait fish.
I was so excited that I took loads of photos, the one above being the best and below is my first attempt at posting a video clip (of the ‘boiling sea’!)

We stopped when we caught 15, gave 2 away,

ate 2 each, there and then and the rest are in the freezer for a forthcoming party & bbq in September, weather permitting!



What a great catch you had, I shall show these pictures to my 'other half'. We have always said we must go fishing for mackerel off the coast at Shoreham and have never got around to it. We often buy mackerel from the fishermen off the beach, at this time of year we can't get enough of them, even 'he who doesn't cook' takes over and does them on the barbecue. I hope you and your guests invited to your party enjoy the rest of them.

lilymarlene said...

My DH went out and got me 8 on Friday. He went out on a boat with lots of others and he caught the most. He always gives some away because I can only use so many (he doesn't eat them). They are now snugly the freezer!

Matron said...

How wonderful! Although I am a landlubber, I love to sea fish when I get the chance. Grilled mackerel is one of my favourites. Yum!

Yolanda said...

Looks like a lovely day at the seaside

earthwoman said...

What a wonderful crop of mackerel, its tempting me out to try my hand at fishing. Sure its not actually that easy though.