Sunday, September 16, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!

Tuesday 11th September was my XXth birthday.
He Who Doesn't Dig made me a wicked Barbapapa cake!

Its a very good likeness of the one he bought me in Brussels on our 1st anniversary back in July.


kethry said...

ohh! Happy Birthday!!!

hope you enjoy your day!


threadspider said...

on your birthday. And congrats too to He Who Bakes! Lucky you.

i don't just like gardening ... said...

I hope you had a lovely birthday on Sunday, the weather was at times a bit dull, but I bet seeing that cake brightened the spirits. I have never heard of Barbapapa, I see he/she has an official website, when I have a spare five minutes I am going to take a look through. Have you finished the cake yet, in our house it would only last five minutes!

Frankie @ Veg Plot said...

Happy Birthday to us!! And I'm a year younger than I thought I was.

Melanie Rimmer said...

Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday, She Who Dii-iigs!
Happy birthday to you!
(And many mooooore)

Sue Swift said...

Hi - and Happy Birthday! Hi – this is an invitation to join the Garden Bloggers Retro carnival. I don’t know if you’ve ever come across the concept of a Blog carnival – if not I’ve explained it in detail on my site today (Oct 1). But basically the idea is to revive an old post which you think is worth rereading, or which you think new readers might enjoy. Send me the link to the post, and in November I’ll publish a series of posts describing and linking to all the posts people have nominated.
I hope you’ll join in and we have a fun carnival!

Matron said...

Happy Birthday, what a cake! What did it taste like?