Thursday, January 17, 2008

Red sky in morning....

Red sky in morning: Shepherd’s warning, as the old saying goes, which turned out to be true today.
The scarlet streaked sunrise (captured here at about 8am!) was the only thing to brighten the day’s grey sky and wind stirred waves. (Taken from the window at work)

To combat the winter blues (other wise known as Seasonal Defective Disorder or SAD) every morning I use my Go-lite to trick my brain into thinking it’s summer, and into producing serotonin to keep me happy! This is my third winter of light therapy and I wouldn’t be without it!
Something else that banished the winter blues is the sight of the first blooms on the camelia in the garden.


Sue Swift said...

Where did you get your go-lite? I'd love one.
PS - does it work for plants too?!

She Who Digs said...

Hi Sue,
If you click on 'Go-Lite' in the text of my post it will take you to the website of the company I got it from. I hired it for a month to start with then bought it, less the price of the hire. I really swear by it but have not used it on my plants!

Nome said...

Love the blog! I'm on a quest to get a few more visitors to my own allotment blog - please pay me a visit! Would you consider linking to my blog if I return the favour?

Thanks, and good luck on the plot this year!


Honestly after days of looking in, you post a post on the day I leave for our trip away and I don't see it until now. At least the weather has improved, hasn't it, today is another beautiful day. Seeing your beach scene, have you had timber washing up on your beach from that sunken cargo ship, there is stacks in Worthing and in Lancing too? I thought I suffered from SAD, but with our trip to the sunshine this year, I don't feel as if I have had it, I am pleased your light does the trick. Watch out for the frost on your lovely camellia buds, we had one but I ditched it, as every year the flowers would turn brown, doesn't quite have the same appeal. x