Monday, August 04, 2008

Important stuff....

Does it really matter if the weeds take over or the slugs eat the beans? Sometimes you just have to sit back and say- never mind, it can wait. The most important things in my life don’t need weeding, but do need lots of loving tender care and regular feeding!

I’m proud to say that HWDD harvested the garlic last week and the 15 bulbs are drying in the greenhouse.
There are about 6 cranberries ripening for the first time this year. Probably not enough to go with our Christmas turkey though.

Another shot of the garden a few days ago.
And another of Baby Digger, who’s now transplanted from his crib to a cot in his own room and is starting to explore the garden.


RHIANNON said...

Weeds don't matter. Mine have been cultivated on the allotment to about waist height. They provide shading to the pushchair on sunny days so can't be all bad. Although the little hands are starting to reach out to grab now , so its no parking near the nettles.
I haven't recieved a complaint of non cultivation from the association so I think they are cutting me slack on account of the baby.
I wished I had a garden that looked like yours, a slight confession is that my weeds in my garden are taller than the ones on the allotment.
You've grown some great garlic.

Matron said...

I have just re-named the weeds as 'ground cover' or 'live mulch' they look unsightly but unless they really interfere with the veggies I just tug half heartedly at them.