Sunday, August 10, 2008

Timeless day.

By this I mean that time didn't matter today as I was completely free of parental responsibility and had no need to clockwatch.

With HWDD and BD out visiting grandparents, I escaped to the plot for four and a half hours straight! I will probably suffer for it tomorrow, but am pleased with how much I managed to do.

The brassica bed has 7x sprouts, 3x red cabbage, 3x celeriac and 2 broccoli, mulched and netted.

There are 20 broad beans (The Sutton) next to the rhubarb which were buzzing with bees.

And 130 leeks! 70x Mussleburgh (sown 01.08) and 50 Pandora (sown 4.08) I hope that DB has no ill effects from eating leaks, once we start weaning!

My men arrived home safely laden with runner beans from Grandad's garden- which are are definite hit with BD! (22 weeks)

Yesterday we had a very damp trip to Wakehurst Place and the Millennium Seed Bank before celebrating auntie Sharon’s xx birthday with the rest of the family.


primrozie said...

I'll bet it felt good though getting those 4-1/2 hours in! It's looking great. My broccoli seedlings didn't do well so my Fall garden won't be all I thought it would.

BD is getting so big! And CUTE!

Sue Swift said...

Baby Digger is growing so fast! Glad to see he likes his vegetables.

The Allotment Blogger said...

Wow, lootloads of leeks! What's the difference between musselborough and pandora? We've not got round to leeks this year but I do want to grow some next year.

this is my patch said...

BD 22 weeks, I can't believe how time has flown, and onto runner beans aleady. The allotment looks great, I must get some leeks going, I don't eat all mine, I leave some as ornamentals, I love the seed heads, which are just starting to go over now. I am glad you enjoyed your time at the allotment, safe in the knowledge that BD was having a ball at his grandparents. x

Ottawa Gardener said...

Well someone thinks the runner beans were worth it. I like your brassica bed. I was a little lax in planting a late broccoli harvest so they are 'eh okay.'