Sunday, January 25, 2009

First sowing of 2009...

In the greenhouse:
15x Broad Bean Bunyards Exhibition
15x Broad Bean Aguadulce
1 tray Onion Ailsa Craig.

On Friday Baby Digger and I visited my sister Wendy in Tunbridge Wells and called in to her plot after going to the park swings. She's only had it a year but has put a lot of time & effort into getting it productive. We dined on my home grown leek & potato soup (can't take credit for the bacon in it though!) and Wendy's home baked bread.

In the past week I've had a bonfire to try and get rid of the dead grass & buddleia I've hacked down, and put some of my 'inherited' cloches over the soil to start warming it.

HWDD made a rude comment relating to what he thought the cloches looked like, but I won't repeat it here!

Last Sunday was clear & sunny, so we had a family walk in Hastings Counrty Park. The photo is of the 'Fire Hills'. When I first moved to Hastings I joined the Volunteer Rangers in the park and that's how I came to meet HWDD.

Today its cold and wet (again) so we're staying in after having a swim this morning at the local pool. (equally cold & wet!)


Jan and Steve said...

Aah, look at BD! Reminds me of 20+ years ago when mine were little and I used to put the pram/playpen out on the mud that I was trying to turn into a garden! You've been busy, and also reminded me that I must sow my broad beans (fava beans here).

lilymarlene said...

Lovely to see littlun on the plot. That good fresh air will do him so much good.
Ah! The Fire Hills! When we lived in Kent we often took the dog there for a walk. DH's father came from Hastings so it is well known to us although I haven't been near there in 5 years now.