Friday, January 02, 2009

Happy New Year!

Best Wishes for 2009!

I'm not one for big New Year Resolutions as such, but this year I will "try my best" to be tidier on the plot. No more tossing the nasty weeds into sacks and letting them sit for months as slug & snail shelters!

Now that I have more space on my second plot, I plan to build a second compost heap to put all the ‘nasties’ into so they don’t contaminate the good compost. By keeping the plot generally tidier, the slugs & snails will go else where to breed & munch!

Baby Digger had a very exciting first Christmas being spoilt by Grandparents and cousins!

He officially took his first un-aided steps on Christmas Day and has been practicing with his little wooden truck ever since. (Not bad for 9 & 1/2 months old!)

New Years Day we explored Ham Fen with our Ranger friend & his family and were very impressed by the lodge the European beavers had made and what easy work they make of felling a tree.


primrozie said...

Happy New Year to you! The new allotment is an exciting venture and I'm sure you'll do a great job filling it up!

I have a small amount of space and think of ways to get the most out of what I have all the time. The best answer would be to have more space, but here I am.

We're working on accommodating some chickens for spring and maybe next year a couple of pigs.

RHIANNON said...

Happy new year, baby digger's walking just means he can reach more than before!!!
He is definately ahead of shedule, have you been using the wrong sort of grow bag overnight? I'm lucky that so far Huw hasn't elected to get out of his pushchair at the plot, but I know that this won't last. His now rapid mobility (with no sense of danger)is the phase that I am dreading most for working at the plot and should line up nicely with the spring cultivation activity. Might need to put A&E on speed dial.
Looking forward to reading your posts for your new plot.

Matron said...

Is that the very same baby Digger who lived in your garden trug early last year? My how those little garden sprouts grow so quickly! Happy New Year.

The Allotment Blogger said...

Excellent resolution - but an even better idea is to get a bit of tin or corrugated iron, lay it somewhere unobtrusive but sunny and chuck your perennial weeds onto it - they FRY (well okay, they desiccate, not quite so exciting) and you can then add them to the compost without them using it as a hot bed or serving as a late meal for slugs and snails.

She Who Digs said...

Thanks for the tip Allotment Blogger! I will also get my inherited plastic cloches from the shed and start warming the soil for the weed seeds to germinate, before the broad beans go in. SWD

Jan and Steve said...

I've just read the whole of your blog and really enjoyed it. You've done a lot of work, the allotment and the garden are looking really good, and it's not easy with a little one.