Monday, November 09, 2009

In case you thought we’d dropped off the edge of the earth, I'm happy to reassure you all that we’re still here and have had a very busy and productive summer:

In no particular order: My Alisa Craig onions sown from seed were a resounding success, as where the raspberries planted in April .

BD & I are still picking the Autumn Bliss, although I’ve yet to get him to eat a single one!

We took a weeks holiday on the Isle of Wight and visited Osborne House; Queen Victoria’s summer palace.

My ‘Chelsea Cabbage’ survived the caterpillar attack and was shared with my sister Carol.

The Mayan Gold spuds did pretty well and we’ve now sussed out how to cook them. They don’t need par-boiling before you roast them and also make excellent ‘wedgies’ although are rather on the small side for baking.
The carrots were a disaster and this is the entire crop from three packets of seeds!The Brussels sprouts are doing well and taste wonderful (only if you like sprouts of course)

We had fun shelling peas
but saving the best until last...................

I now have my own shed :-)

Just need to felt the roof to stop the rain coming in, paint the exterior and sort out the inside.


Jan said...

Love those carrots.. but what a shame.

Matron said...

My how BD has grown! I will forever remember him lying in that trug surrounded by veggies! It is encouraging to see that your carrots are just the same as mine! Lovely view of Osborne House, I must make a point to visit next time I am over there.

The Allotment Blogger said...

Your carrots look a bit like our parsnips, but they are better than our carrots which barely germinated at all. Those onions are magnificent though - prize winners for sure.

Mouse said...

Judging by these guys and their long limbs I reckon the rest of you carrots ran away!
I hope you paint your shed bright blue, I have a thing for bright blue sheds

She Who Digs said...

Sadly, our council will only allow brown or green sheds outside, although they don't stipulate what shade of green.......The inside will be much more individual- when I get time!

Anonymous said...

I love this post. Partly because you were kind enough to show us your carrots. It is always nice to know you aren't the only one who has catastrophic years with some crops.

That parsnip and the sprouts are really something, and lovely seasonal treats. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

we had no carrots either - a couple of tinies attacked by carrot root fly

good to see you, bd's looking gorgeous!