Tuesday, June 02, 2009

A productive day out of the office.

Today I treated myself to a day on the allotment by myself, instead of going to work. I wasn’t skiving and definitely didn’t take it easy! I actually worked SO HARD today that I wore out my boots.
This was my day....

By 9am I had hung out the wet washing, mown the lawn and shaded the greenhouse.
By 10am the plot perimeter was strimmed and looking very neat. By 11am I’d filled 3 water butts, watered the plants and planted out the big broccoli & remaining sprouts 2 courgette, 12 sweetcorn, (6 ‘Incredible’ the rest an unknown £1 bargain from a roadside stall.)

By then it was getting seriously hot so I refuelled with a cold beverage and quick sit down under the parasol.

After lunch I soldiered on and planted 12 climbing French beans, sowed dwarf ones & mange tout peas (A bit late, but never mind) Next to be planted were 9 Gardeners Delight & 3 Beefsteak tomatoes, 2 pumpkins, 7 small broccoli & 2 small Brussels sprouts (Bedford)

Keeping to my New Years resolution I’ve finally emptied the 6 sacks of 2 year old oak leaf mould from my sister Wendy. They have been slowly turning into wonderfully crumbly compost, as the sacks degraded in the sun and split at the slightest touch!

While mulching, I discovered these hungry munchers:

This cabbage wasn’t grown by me, but I lovingly transported to my plot from the prestigious Chelsea Flower Show where I bought it for £1 in the 4pm sell off on the final Saturday. I thought I’d squashed all the eggs I’d spotted last week, but had obviously missed a few.

My trip to Chelsea, (my first and not my last!) was hugely enjoyable and was topped off with a full 48 hours of ‘child-free’ indulgence, a trip around IKEA, shopping in Croydon and two nights away on my own. My in-laws kindly let me stay in their house, even though they were out of the country on holiday at the time.

My other purchases from Chelsea were:

An Allium shubertii and a lettuce Lollo rosso, both of which are in the back garden.

A pink Hawes metal watering can- a free gift with 3 months subscription to Amateur Gardener magazine. (1/2 the price of buying a can in the garden centre – I’d done my research just have to remember to cancel the direct debit in 3 months!!)
And finally 2 shallow tub trugs which BD has had fun playing with in the garden. I came home inspired, happy, tired, with aching arms and an empty purse!!

Here my favourite pictures from the many I took that day.

No, it's not real but made from Plasticine and won a RHS plasticine gold meadal.

The very expensive bronze snail was big enough to sit on!


frazzledsugarplummum said...

Great photos! Wore your boots out. too funny. Thats a good shot.

You English...I'm an Aussie sure are neat and tidy on your allotments... makes me green. lol maybe some of it will wear off.
Lucky you getting to Chelsea. A fellow Aussie, a florist, got over there for it this year. More green here. Your garden looks wonderful and you sure did put in heaps of work. Is that your shed at the allotment or at home?

She Who Digs said...

Hi Frazzled S P, didn't know who else to leave you a message. The last photo is of my 'Dream Shed'! Watch this space for news of my new allotment shed- but the boring old Council insist it's painted either green or brown :-( I'm planning pretty curtains and a tastefully designed interior though plus a big padlock to keep my boys out!.... SWD

mangocheeks said...

Nice to read about your progress at the plot. Was really interested about your visit to the Chelsea show, and the good pictures.

Loved the worn out boot photo, made me smile.

Matron said...

How dreadful! caterpillars on your cabbage from Chelsea! I wouldn't have expected that, how standards have fallen!

Sue Swift said...

Wow ! Baby digger has grown! Have missed the updates because I've been so busy this year that haven't had time for anything but work and famiy. But it's great to be back :)

I envy you your Chelsea visit - and your day off on the allotment.

The Allotment Blogger said...

What a day you had! That cabbage is infested with a very high class of caterpillar, obviously, mine are equally riddled but with common old caterpillars.

Thanks for the Chelsea photos, it looks as if veg growing was the big thing there this year.

primrozie said...

I love the cottage garden! so inviting.

Your allotment is producing nicely. You've gotten so much done even though you are busy with BD! He's getting big. I've got a 10 month old grandson now and he loves the outdoors! Daughter has him in her garden with her too.

Anonymous said...

Don't you FEEL so much better when its been a productive day - you can literally feel that halo shining on top of your head....? :o) And the hard work looks to have paid off - looks great! Pics of Chelsea look great - don't think I could cope with the hoards of people....Like the watering can! Cat x

this is my patch said...

I am sure after wearing out your boots you are reaping the rewards now. Lucky you to get to Chelsea. I haven't ever been, but I watch it religiously on TV every year. I would like the giant snail for my garden, and tub trugs are the best invention ever! I hope you are continuing to enjoy yourselves on the allotment this summer. x

Mystery Man said...

When are you going to post again and help brighten my day?

Where are your tales of giant cougettes and pumpkins? The great potato harvest and the very merry berry picking!

The public have the right to know...