Sunday, August 13, 2006

My first planting on my plot.

After two and a half hours of working mainly on my hand and knees, I came away very satisfied, if a little achy and wet after the rain set in. I’ve made my first bed (1m x 5.25m) and planted Hungarian Rye seeds in 6 drills as green manure and winter cover. Should I cover it to deter the birds?
Where the soil had been rotorvated (before it packed up) it was very spongy and crumbly- so the weeds that had grown in the last 5 weeks lifted up really easily. This is also due to the previous plot holder adding organic matter in vast quantities for x number of years! Thank you!
I desperately want to get over there and continue, but the rain today is constant and looks set to last. Instead I will sort out our honeymoon photos for printing, and maybe post a few later.

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john curtin said...

Bit by bit does it. The best encouragement is a bit of success!