Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Pretty maids all in a row (plus the Groom!)

We got married at Swallows Oast and this was taken out in the pasture near the two large oak trees. My beautiful bridesmaids are all nieces, who literally took my breath away when I first saw them together.
He Who Doesn't Dig looks quite short in this photo- but I assure you it's just the way he is sitting!!


vintagechica said...

What a lovely...amazing...photo! Love their dresses and yours too!

Karen said...

Love the photo, so countified and natural and I just loved your flower bouquets so simple and natural and you grew them yourself, well nearly. Congrats.

carpoolmom said...

Just beautiful, I love the colors, and the sweet peas (that I routinely kill here in the US). Thanks so much for your kind comments - the ride is bumpy, but wonderful. Many congratulations!